2015 Ford Transit PTV: A Hell on Wheels

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25 Sep 2014

2015 Ford Transit PTV: A Hell on Wheels

Ford Transit PTV 2015

2015 Ford Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle aka PTV is the one vehicle you never want to ride as it offers extreme level of discomfort to its riders


Whenever you read about a new vehicle, what you always find are some unique features, comfort levels, luxury and riding experience, while automakers always focus on providing utmost levels of comfort. Even the modern Ford Transit van offers a car like interior and riding experience but in the case of Transit PTV, the theory of riding pleasure is utterly trashed as it is designed to offers extreme levels of discomfort to its riders.


Ford has designed this new Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle aka PTV with the help and instructions from police department and it is the kind of vehicle that prisoners will not be thrilled about riding it. It will become the worst nightmare of their lives in addition to the disappointments and frustrations.



You may want to think of the new Transit PTV as a modern wagon with all high-tech gadgets and pleasing ride experience, well, you are half wrong. The right half is that it is based on modern long-wheel base and EcoBoost Ford Transit engine, have good legroom for the driver and his fellow officer in the cabin.

The other half where you are wrong is that it has the capacity of 12 prisoners divided in two cells. It has a total capacity of 14 occupants including driver and his partner. All the designing input was provided by the Police Advisory Board and Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions.



The rear most compartment has bench seating for three prisoners on each side. It has wall mounted straps for cuffed prisoners to give them a proper taste of living hell on wheels.


The all new man-eater Transit PTV will join the Ford Taurus which is already has a name for being the nightmare for the prisoners. However the new Transit PTV comparatively looks bit better than Ford Taurus but the unpleasantly worst nightmare.