Now Pack a Full Kitchen in Ford Transit Custom Van

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1 Feb 2016
Ford Transit Custom Van LWB 2016

If you own a LWB Ford Transit Custom van, you can literally pack anything in the back, and I mean anything What is it? To get the kitchen into the Ford Transit was free to whoever could remove it first from the place where it was installed. So what I had to do was just […]

Ford Transit Van Sales Reach High Point

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12 Jan 2016
Ford Transit Van

The rise in the sales has been seen due to the increase in online buying Ford Transit van has always been the most favourite vehicle for those who run commercial businesses of all sorts or have family move around town. Thanks to the revolutionary Ford Transit diesel engine, the amazing fuel economy and lower running […]

Ford Transit Joins Windy City Limousine

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8 Dec 2015
Limousine President George Jacobs

The Charity Auction for a new Ford Transit was outbid by President George Jacobs himself What is it? It’s an act of charity by one of the most charitable or the worst businessman, George Jacobs, President of Chicago-based Windy City Limousine. There was an auction for new Ford Transit van, powered by frugal Ford Transit […]

2016 Ford Transit Winnebago Fuse

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16 Nov 2015
Ford Transit Winnebago Fuse 2016

Like its predecessors, the new generation of Ford Transit is exceptionally capable and extremely versatile vehicle. That’s why most of the motorhome models are based on “Britain’s bestselling commercial van”. What is it? If you are on the move most of the time and want to take the comfort of your own home with you […]

The All-New 2015 Ford Transit 150 XLT

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3 Nov 2015
2015 Ford Transit 150 XLT

By looks 2015 Ford Transit may be a big box on the wheels but it offers a wide range of options to choose from, taking care of all of your needs The 2015 Ford Transit 150 XLT may be regarded as one of the most versatile commercial vehicle one could ever find. You see them […]

How Ford has Transformed Van Market?

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29 Oct 2015
Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect is a wonderful choice in the commercial van segment! If you are looking for reliable and efficient means of transportation for delivery, service, or day to day activities of a small business, the transit connect is a solution for that, it provides great quality of flexibility, functionality, and reliability. It is perfect […]

The Vantastic Voyage of Ford Transit

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18 Sep 2015

New registrations show that Ford is the fastest growing manufacturer of commercial vans in the United States Last year when the Ford Transit went on sale, the configured range is well over 58, way too much than any of the rivals could possibly offer. It isn’t just the body that suits the requirements of the […]

Ford Transit Celebrates 50th Birthday in Mondello

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10 Sep 2015
Old Ford Transit

The 50th anniversary of the Ford Transit has been made remarkable by Ford Ireland For the last five decades, if any vehicle deserves to be called the king of commercial vehicles, it’s none other than the legendary Ford Transit. In Ireland, this name has been so popular that they have literally named their streets cape […]

Ford Transit – World’s Most Popular Van

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3 Sep 2015
50-Years Transit Gold

With over eight million examples across the globe, the Transit is celebrating its 50th birthday this month When it was first introduced to the world in 1965, no one thought that very soon this box like van will become the backbone of the Britain along with so many other countries worldwide. Car-like performance, and tough […]

Ford Transit as the Backbone of Britain for Last 50 Years

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18 Aug 2015
Ford Transit Van

Let’s have a look at the prestigious history of Ford Transit through time when it celebrates its 50th birthday In the motoring history, the UK has had its fair share and in that, the biggest chunk, unquestionably, goes to none other than Ford Transit. Who would have thought that a simple van – which left […]