Now Pack a Full Kitchen in Ford Transit Custom Van

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1 Feb 2016

Now Pack a Full Kitchen in Ford Transit Custom Van

Ford Transit Custom Van LWB 2016

If you own a LWB Ford Transit Custom van, you can literally pack anything in the back, and I mean anything

What is it?

To get the kitchen into the Ford Transit was free to whoever could remove it first from the place where it was installed. So what I had to do was just rush to the place, dismantle the kitchen and then shove it in the back of my Transit Custom van. My vehicle is powered by one of the best Transit diesel engines manufactured by Ford to return great economy without compromising the performance.

So when you drive it at 70mph in sixth gear, the diesel engine, in general, gives a sense of calm and wellbeing. And that’s what I like about it the most.

What’s the inside like?

The inside of new Ford Transit is superb. The seats are super-comfy and driving position is very comfortable.

The cabin is isolated in such a way that you barely feel wind noise. The DAB/Bluetooth sound system is highly un-van-like and you feel like you are never heard anything like that ever before.

How the kitchen fits in?

When I reached the site where the kitchen was located, having the first look at it made it clear. That massive kitchen is not going to fit in and that’s for sure. But it still decided to give it a try so bit by bit, piece by piece, I slowly loaded up may LWB Transit Custom van. Finally, when I had the kitchen sink in, I couldn’t believe myself that the van miraculously had the whole kitchen in it. The side door and rear doors slammed shut without a fuss.

On the site, I noticed some tradespeople there, keeping a keen eye on what I did and how I did it. I never paid much attention to that and started my non-stop journey back home and averaged 44mpg. Considering the weight I was carrying at my back, it wasn’t bad at all.