Face-lifted Ford Transit is better than Earlier Models of Fourth Generation

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5 Aug 2021
Ford Transit New Van

It is also looking nice with sleek headlights, decent size grille and matching front bumper A good pad carrier needs to be spacious and have an adequately powered engine. Ford Transit is one such van with plenty of other positive reasons to prefer over other vans. Fuel economy is reasonable from a load carrier point […]

Ford Transit and Bridj – Kansas City’s new Experiment

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8 Mar 2016
Ride KC Bridj Transit Front Angle

This new ride-hailing van service will start with morning rush hours with the fare of $1.50, Mondays through Fridays What is it? This micro transit is the metro area’s experiment which will go underway Monday after the launch of on-demand shuttle service RideKC: Bridj by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). To make it […]

If Ford Transit Is So Bad, Why Don’t Features Show It?

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29 Feb 2016
Ford Transit 2015

Ford Transit is the most appraised light commercial van in the UK, ford claims it even economical The sixth-generation Ford Transit in lots of approaches is the admirable light commercial van but – its load-carrying capabilities are better than ever, it’s strikingly intelligent on the road and Ford claims it is going to be much […]

Ford Transit Driven by Speed Queen Sabine

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23 Feb 2016
German Racing Driver Sabine Schmitz

To tackle the challenges of “the Green hell” Sabine Schmitz is the only local racing driver Jeremy Clarkson would want to go to What is it? The Nurburgring is the famous German Formula One track which was once named “the Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart. It is known to be one of the most […]

Ford Transit Connect Gets Worked on by Carlex Design

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15 Feb 2016
Ford Transit Connect Carlex Design

The best van in the world gets even better with added flair What is it? Ford Transit is world’s most recognized and best seller commercial van, even in the United Kingdom, it has been claimed the backbone of UK. It has become even spicier after receiving a healthy dose of added flair from Carlex Design, […]

Ford Transit Van with RB26DETT Swap

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9 Feb 2016
Ford Transit RB26DETT

Some mechanics in Lithuania swapped the original engine of Ford Transit with a RB26DETT and the result was absolutely astonishing For the sake of argument, what do you think will happen if you, for some odd reason, combine a daily workhorse like Ford Transit van with a powerful and crazy engine? The result will be […]

Now Pack a Full Kitchen in Ford Transit Custom Van

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1 Feb 2016
Ford Transit Custom Van LWB 2016

If you own a LWB Ford Transit Custom van, you can literally pack anything in the back, and I mean anything What is it? To get the kitchen into the Ford Transit was free to whoever could remove it first from the place where it was installed. So what I had to do was just […]

Ford Transit – A Practical Van

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25 Jan 2016
Ford Transit Practical Van

This is the 6th era Ford Transit and from various perspectives the best yet It’s cheap conveying capacities are better than anyone might have expected, it’s astonishingly refined out and about and Ford says it will cost less to keep running than some time recently, as well. An undeniably various model reach implies this new […]

Does the Ford Transit Beat its Rivals?

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18 Jan 2016
New Ford Transit 2015

Yes, it beats them hands down An Iconic Van Whichever angle you look at it from, the Ford Transit is an enormous vehicle for Ford and the van market all in all. It’s gigantic as far as the scope and acknowledgment of the Transit brand, it’s huge as far as its on-going predominance of the […]

Ford Transit Van Sales Reach High Point

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12 Jan 2016
Ford Transit Van

The rise in the sales has been seen due to the increase in online buying Ford Transit van has always been the most favourite vehicle for those who run commercial businesses of all sorts or have family move around town. Thanks to the revolutionary Ford Transit diesel engine, the amazing fuel economy and lower running […]