Ford Transit Connect Gets Worked on by Carlex Design

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15 Feb 2016

Ford Transit Connect Gets Worked on by Carlex Design

Ford Transit Connect Carlex Design

The best van in the world gets even better with added flair

What is it?

Ford Transit is world’s most recognized and best seller commercial van, even in the United Kingdom, it has been claimed the backbone of UK.

It has become even spicier after receiving a healthy dose of added flair from Carlex Design, Polish interior specialists. Powered by Ford Transit diesel engine, this vehicle is a small connect model.

What is this project?

This project is very different from most other Carlex projects as they have done a very little work on the inside, it’s the exterior that has been done extraordinarily. A bespoke bodykit providing it more aggression and road presence and that’s what adorns the outside of this new Ford Transit Connect.

The front of the van has also been modified and this kit hosts reshaped air intakes and horizontal LED daytime running lights. A new sporty look has been given by the new lower splitter element.

What kind of changes does it boost?

A vehicle is never complete if it doesn’t get something fascinating at the side and same is the case with Carlex. They have given a set of custom wheels and extended side skirts along with a set of bulging wheel arches that complements the overall do. The exterior changes extend to the rear where this van gets a large rooftop spoiler, rectangular dual exhaust pipes, redesigned bumper and a bold diffuser.

Carlex hasn’t released any pictures of the interior of their van but they have said that they used customised steering wheel and a range of new leather upholstery which will really steal the hearts of the buyers.

When it will go on sale?

The sales of this new bodykit is expected to commence shortly and British market will the first one to get it. Later on, Carlex Design might offer it to other market but that will take some time.