A Big Van with Many Advantages for Buyers

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25 Jan 2022
Ford Transit Van

Transit is available in two wheelbases, three roof heights, and three body lengths Ford Transit is a well-known van in the UK and elsewhere for its ability to pull, cabin features and payload capacity. Ford has enhanced its standard to keep it among the top vans of the segment. It is a durable and reliable […]

Ford Transit Courier Joins Transit Range with EcoBoost engines

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20 Jul 2016
Ford Transit Courier

Fourth and final generation joins the Transit range with new look and EcoBoost engines Ford Transit courier is the fourth generation of the most modern mini Transits in the UK and the new model joins the Transit line-up with the new look and extra efficient Ford Transit engines with EcoBoost technology. It is a small, light […]

Ford Transit Courier Offers the Three Turbocharged Engines

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12 Apr 2016
Ford Transit Courier 2015

Ford Transit Courier plains to offer the three turbocharged engines, presenting the beautiful design with great driving Ford Transit Courier offers the three turbocharged Transit diesel engines in spite of being small. It is probably known as a small but magnificent van, but in the official terminology it is a good style van. The purpose […]

Ford Transit Driven by Speed Queen Sabine

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23 Feb 2016
German Racing Driver Sabine Schmitz

To tackle the challenges of “the Green hell” Sabine Schmitz is the only local racing driver Jeremy Clarkson would want to go to What is it? The Nurburgring is the famous German Formula One track which was once named “the Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart. It is known to be one of the most […]

Ford Transit Van with RB26DETT Swap

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9 Feb 2016
Ford Transit RB26DETT

Some mechanics in Lithuania swapped the original engine of Ford Transit with a RB26DETT and the result was absolutely astonishing For the sake of argument, what do you think will happen if you, for some odd reason, combine a daily workhorse like Ford Transit van with a powerful and crazy engine? The result will be […]

How Ford has Transformed Van Market?

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29 Oct 2015
Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect is a wonderful choice in the commercial van segment! If you are looking for reliable and efficient means of transportation for delivery, service, or day to day activities of a small business, the transit connect is a solution for that, it provides great quality of flexibility, functionality, and reliability. It is perfect […]

Ford Transit 2016 – An Instant Bestseller

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22 Oct 2015

Ford Transit has been designed to carry innovative technology and concepts in a commercial van with versatility in use for ever expanding markets. What is it? An instant bestseller. That’s exactly what Ford Transit Van is all about. It became the leader in commercial van market across the globe, whether it be UK or the […]

Ford Transit Van and iPhone 6 – Bad Combination

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1 Oct 2015

Some people learn it the hard way why both of these don’t mix very well If you have accidentally dropped your phone on the floor, you would be lucky if you haven’t smashed the screen. And if you have, it’s a real pity, isn’t it? But what about your Ford Transit’s compartment? Isn’t it safe? […]

The Vantastic Voyage of Ford Transit

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18 Sep 2015

New registrations show that Ford is the fastest growing manufacturer of commercial vans in the United States Last year when the Ford Transit went on sale, the configured range is well over 58, way too much than any of the rivals could possibly offer. It isn’t just the body that suits the requirements of the […]

Ford Transit 350 Wagon Gets Ecoboost V6 Engine

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1 Aug 2015
Ford Transit T-350 Wagon

Ford Transit 350 XLT 2015 Super Wagon is now available with Ecoboost V6 engines Ford Transit 350 XLT Wagon is a successor model of E-series. Transit E-Series was successfully rolled out through the decades, experiencing the same success rate in the States and on the continents since its birth. In the new generation, Ford has […]