Ford Transit Driven by Speed Queen Sabine

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23 Feb 2016

Ford Transit Driven by Speed Queen Sabine

German Racing Driver Sabine Schmitz

To tackle the challenges of “the Green hell” Sabine Schmitz is the only local racing driver Jeremy Clarkson would want to go to

What is it?

The Nurburgring is the famous German Formula One track which was once named “the Green Hell” by Sir Jackie Stewart. It is known to be one of the most difficult tracks and to tackle the challenges of it,

Jeremy Clarkson always called upon racing driver Sabine Schmitz who is famous for doing it in the best way. She driven the world’s best commercial van powered by Ford Transit diesel engine, to this track and made a record lap time.

Who is Sabine Schmitz?

Sabine’s family owns a restaurant and a hotel near track’s start line so she was watching it for her whole childhood which ultimately turned into her passions, leading to more than 30,000 circles around the track. Jeremy Clarkson in a Jaguar S-Type diesel set a time of nine minutes and 59 seconds and Sabine in a Ford Transit, fell just nine seconds short but that was 11 years ago.

This s the reason why the new TopGear team has confirmed her as a part. She was only 18 when she took part in her first race and at the age of 19, she set a new lap record at the Nurburgring.

What she has achieved so far?

In this male-dominated sport she is the only one who as earned the reputation as “Queen Of The Ring” and in 1996, she won the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race with her co-driver Johannes Scheid in a BMW M3.

She also has developed a career as “the fastest taxi driver in the world”, she takes £470 to take racing enthusiasts in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and drive the thrilling circuit.

So how did she meet Clarkson?

In 2002, Jeremy Clarkson met Sabine for the first time when she took him round the circuit for an episode of Jeremy Clarkson Meets The Neighbours. She also co-hosted a car show named D Motor on German TV.

Her love for speed didn’t end there on the cars, she actually qualified as helicopter pilot in 2004. Chris Evans describe her as a fearless speed demon and hope that having her on the show will be a lot more fun.