Ford Transit Van with RB26DETT Swap

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9 Feb 2016

Ford Transit Van with RB26DETT Swap

Ford Transit RB26DETT

Some mechanics in Lithuania swapped the original engine of Ford Transit with a RB26DETT and the result was absolutely astonishing

For the sake of argument, what do you think will happen if you, for some odd reason, combine a daily workhorse like Ford Transit van with a powerful and crazy engine? The result will be none other than the Ford Transit GT-R, powered by RB26DETT instead of the regular Transit diesel engine.

The mechanics took their ride to the local crowed and to their amusement, spent three minutes in doing good old drifting and making donuts.

Who came up with this idea and why?

Skudo Auto Club is a shop that needed a new vehicle which could carry the parts to and from their place. To replace their old Ford Transit van which they recently had crashed, they acquired a newer one. They accept it that when it comes to utility, there is no van better than the Transit.

But they were more into enjoying the drive while they work and according to them, the stock engine doesn’t do much justice in this regard, for them at least.

What happened next?

When they bought the new Ford Transit van, they decided to take out the old engine and put in something more exciting, something that would satisfy their need for speed and power. So, they went for the RB26DETT which they acquired from an R33 Nissan GT-R. The typical stock engine delivers at around 130bhp and 215 lb-ft of torque but after this swap, the figures were amazing, 320bhp and 315 lb-ft.

Wow! Isn’t it amazing? It sure is. To make things even spicier, they added a ceramic clutch, straight pipe exhaust out the side, column-mounted hydraulic brake and R35 wheels. Now they had a perfectly mean machine which is undoubtedly be called a full-on tyre slayer drift machine.

What’s the reaction of the crowd?

At first, people laughed at it but now they started liking it so much that sometimes it is not possible to get into the Transit GT-R as people are gathered around it and staring it, adoring it.