50k Ford Transits to be Recalled for a Fix

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15 Mar 2016

50k Ford Transits to be Recalled for a Fix

Ford Transit Van 2016

48,990 examples of the 2015-16 Ford Transit vans are going to be recalled to fix a problem with rear seatbelt buckle.

These vehicles have been built between February 13, 2014, and January 13, 2016.

What is the problem?

It has been reported that the Transit vans built during February 2014 and January 2016 that have been equipped with rear passenger seats are having seatbelt buckles prone to damage if there is a heavy object placed on it.

Consequently, it will prevent it from holding the rear seatbelt in place in case of emergency. Although, Ford Transit vans are known for their reliability, safety, and especially for its diesel engine, when it comes to performance and economy. Even after this problem surfaced, there hasn’t beenany record or report of any injuries or deaths as of yet.

What will be the fix?

Well, it depends on the location where the seatbelt buckle is located in the vehicle, and availability of the replacement parts, only then Ford will be either replacing or modifying the necessary components. This will be done free of charge and Ford will be notifying the owners to bring their vehicle to the dealers who will then modify or replace the seatbelt buckles.

According to sources, the notice to the owners will be delivered by March 14, 2016 and the second notice will be received by the owners once the replacement parts will become available.

What if there is not notice received?

Although, Ford is making sure of notifying owners of the effected vehicles, but if in case any owner is left unnoticed, owners may contact Ford customer service at 1-866-436-7332 and mention recall number 16S06.