Along with different sizes, Ford Transit is undoubtedly the most practical van ever

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6 Jul 2020

Along with different sizes, Ford Transit is undoubtedly the most practical van ever

To pull all these different vans, Ford has fitted reasonably powered fuel-efficient engines

Ford Transit is one of the leading brands that stand side by side with Mercedes Sprinter. The van is especially known for its driver’s assistance features that are top of the line for a van. There are three body forms in which the vehicle is available; passenger van, cargo van or crew van.

This is a full-size van which has many body configurations that can be installed as per need. The exterior is straight forward with not much to describe as it is a usual van type in this respect. The interior story is however different with a modern cabin and a good space at the back to carry the load.

The payload capacity has however lessened still there is a lot of left. Another feature to mention is the modern driver assistance installations that make the van stand out in its category. There are strong and rule-abiding engines fitted in the van with no issue of reliability or short on power.

The van can work on difficult surfaces and in congested roads or motorways. The interior is well insulated in the cabin and the driver assisting features to increase the safety side. Ford Transit CDI remanufactured engine is going to give a reliable solution to the troubling engine.

The new additions

There are many things added it the present version of the van that resulted in 2019. This one is considered a major upgrade as it has brought many changes in the vehicle. To start with all-wheel drive is now available.

This means that now the van has more capability to move on uneven surfaces as the road grip is now even better. This is available in cargo and passenger vans. Along with new assisting features, there are more efficient engines in the line-up. There are also changes inside the cabin fitted with new grab handles and vents.

There is also a crew van added to carry more number of people than the car. There are two rows in it providing convenience to the passengers with a roomy sitting place. To carry more people than that the passenger van is also there.

Strong engines to pull the load

No matter which type of load one is carrying engines play the most important part. The one which is at the base level is a 3.7-litre V6 engine with 275 hp and 260 lb-ft torque. There is also a 3.5-litre optional turbocharged engine which is available with 310 ho and 400 lb-ft torque.

Another engine of 3.2-litre five-cylinder turbo-diesel is also offered with 185 hp and 350 lb-ft torque. There is a six-speed automatic transmission paired with these engines that makes the driving work relaxing. As standard these vans are rear-wheel drive. The engines get better fuel efficiency and there is a good mileage present.

The powerful engines mean that there is going to be better-towing ability and more cargo carrying. Second hand Ford Transit engine for sale are going to give a strong choice while the engine replacement is needed. Fuel efficiency is not going to be effected with drive in town or on a motorway. Engines are according to Euro 6 requirements keeping the environment clean.

Features available

There is a long list of standard as well as optional features. The side mirrors have longer attachments now with short or long forms. Power windows, locks and mirrors are now available. There are passenger side doors in the low roof forms and sliding doors in high and medium body forms.

There is also the keyless entry as standard which is mostly available in the cars categories. Cargo area tie-downs are also present to make the items more secure especially when they have to travel on uneven surfaces.

Front air conditioning and a rear-view camera with trailer hitch assist are also available. To add in the convenience factor Ford engines supply and fitting is going to be the best thing to keep the vehicle fresh when in trouble.

Vehicle fit for long work hours

Transferring load from one place to another is a difficult work that requires physical involvement. To make the driver as well as the co-passenger comfortable the company has put in some facilities for both the individuals. There are armrests with the front seats to make the long periods of work timeless tiring.

There are storage spaces for the small hand carries plus there is storage space for a tablet or a laptop even. In the passenger van form, the vehicle can carry a maximum of 14 passengers in total keeping their comfort intact. In the high roof form, a six feet tall person can easily stand at the back.

Safety features

The vehicle is made safe with safety features onboard. There are airbags, stability control, and a rear-view camera. Blind-spot monitors and rear parking sensors are also offered on most of the trim levels except the base trim. Both these features are very important for the van category. Driving a big vehicle is a tough job and such driving assisting features provide a helping hand.