Either you are looking for a commercial van or for personal use, Ford Transit Connect is quite enough for you

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11 Feb 2021

Either you are looking for a commercial van or for personal use, Ford Transit Connect is quite enough for you

Ford Transit Commercial Van

Body control of the van is also remarkable and with this kind of control over moves, the soft suspension cannot be ignored

Ford Transit Connect is a compact panel van, specifically designed to serve the limited needs of professionals. It has been developed by Ford Europe and for it, a platform is dedicated but parts are shared with another Ford vehicle called Focus. Ford is a renowned vehicle company and second hand Ford Transit engines are trusted too.

Transit Connect Passenger van and Transit Connect Cargo Van variants are also available. With limited capacity, these models cater to the limited requirements of professionals and businesses. If you are involved in a passenger carrying field then Connect passenger van is a perfect vehicle for you.

Comfort and practicality have been the priority of the designers of the van. Flexibility also makes it a better choice so you easily cater to a variety of needs. It is looking nice and with a higher roof, good headroom is definite. The grill at the front has a Ford badge, headlights are sleek just like any modern day vehicle and wheels also suit the scheme of Connect design.

Seat capacity is flexible and cargo space is ample. With these two features, you can claim it a perfect passenger carrier. Three rows of seats and rear two of which can easily be folded flat could give you huge space. Both sides had sliding doors to make boarding and alighting from vehicles simple for passengers.

With this ease of getting in and out, you will also find it easy to move on busy roads. Handling is nice due to seeing perfection and an accurate response. Ford Co-Pilot 360 is a package designed for driver assistance and now offered in Connect. 

Interior has been built with low quality materials

For busy urban areas, smaller cargo vehicles are needed, and Connect Cargo van serves you better in this connection. Engines of Connect vans are decent, which enhances their utility. People get Ford Transit Connect engines for sale and fit them in their vans. The compact size and manoeuvrability of the van enhance its demand for busy areas.

Cargo space is more than 148 cubic feet so you can carry decent cargo in Connect Cargo. The driver assistance package mentioned in the above paragraph includes cords traffic alert, pre collision assistance in form of auto emergency braking, auto high beam, lane keeping assistance, and a rear-view camera. It is a much as is offered to upscale car drivers.

For Connect Cargo vans here is additional control tech, which gives you command over the vehicle from the driveway to the highway. The soft suspension is an issue and does not offer a settled ride. Interior has been built with low quality materials so fell is not good.

Engines are good but not powerful enough to overtake high powered cruising vehicles on the highway. The versatility of the van is highly commendable and the utility is also great. These vans are cheap in price so good alternative to high priced pickup trucks.

With seats for seven people, the passenger van is very capable of carrying small crews and a team of workers to the place of work. The Four-pot engine is not underpowered but when fully occupied you may find it slower than you expect. An infotainment system is also offered so you will be glad to own this nice vehicle.

Base level of Ford Transit Connect does not come with an infotainment system

The new model has come with more standard features than ever before. Some packages have been abandoned too in the new version. Ford Transit Connect engines UK is a nice second hand unit source. Buyers visit many suppliers to find the right one for their vehicle.

They also take into consideration details provided by sellers of these units. Base level Connect does not come with an infotainment system so you have to move to the XLT model and it is our choice of the models too. Touch-screen infotainment system is standard with Apple Car play and Android Auto so options are enhanced for entertainment and connectivity by these integration possibilities.

Built in navigation and Hotspot are other very important features of the XLT model. Blind Spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are also present to assist drivers and minimize chances of accidents. Adaptive cruise control is missing and you can add this single tech feature.

In this way, very little addition needs to be made by buyers of this recommended model of Connect. You can add front and rear parking sensors and lane keeping assist to complete the range of driver assistance.

There is another 2.5 litre engine option

The trailer tow package allows you to tow as much as 2000 lbs so it is also recommended to unlock the decent towing capacity of the compact van. Only front wheel drive configuration is available and a four-pot, 2.0 litre unit is paired with eight speed auto transmissions.

There is another 2.5 litre engine option, which is paired with six speed auto transmissions. Body control of the van is also remarkable and with this kind of control over moves, the soft suspension cannot be ignored. Fuel economy of 2.5 litre unit is relatively better than 2.0 litre unit. The earlier one gives you 20 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway. The only direct competitor of Connect also has a similar fuel average. With so many new additions to the Connect, this van will definitely do better and serve nicely.