Ford Has Brought Many Advancements to the Transit Van

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19 May 2022

Ford Has Brought Many Advancements to the Transit Van

Ford Transit

Mild hybrid assistance is present just like in modern-day cars to enhance fuel efficiency

The commercial van segment has several vehicles to meet the needs of buyers. The Ford Transit is one of the top vans due to its engine, practicality, and fuel efficiency. Ford, keeping in view the popularity of the Transit, kept investing in this vehicle, so the new model is better than the previous. If you can afford this big van, then all your business needs are well catered to.

You can choose from different configurations including four-wheel drive. Mild hybrid assistance is present just like in modern-day cars to enhance fuel efficiency. Diesel engines are frugal and paired with seamless transmissions. An all-electric Ford Transit is also about to be launched, and it will be the answer to worries of environmental problems due to the carbon emissions of vehicles.

This big commercial van only lacks some advanced safety and connectivity features so Ford needs to focus on these areas. The Ford Transit passenger van is as easy to drive as a car and running costs are also low. This reality is really attractive to the buyers, and they prefer it over other options. This van has strong diesel power units and replacement Ford Transit engines for sale allow you to remove the faulty units.

After spending a long time on UK roads, the Ford Transit has become a common vehicle in the country. Ford has made great efforts to increase the utility of the van and make it the best option for buyers around the world. Transit Custom, Transit Courier, and Transit Connect are now available in the UK.

Some new safety features were added to the van

Different body styles, including panel van, minibus, and chassis cab, are offered to Transit buyers. Wheelbase and roof height options are present for buyers, so you can choose the right length and roof height for your van. For convenience, three different lengths and two roof heights are present.

In 2016, EcoBlue TDCi engines were introduced to curb emission figures. These Euro6 compliant power units reduced carbon emissions, and then, three years later, further developments were made to enhance efficiency. Mild hybrid assistance was also introduced in facelifted models in 2019. Thus, continuous advancements have been made to keep buyers excited about Ford transit. Reconditioned Ford Transit engines are made perfect before selling.

Some new safety features were added to the van, and the infotainment system was also upgraded for a better experience while travelling. The body of the van also got some tweaks so that you can identify a new model. The bumper and front grill can be easily noticed for this purpose. Different levels of specifications have been offered by presenting three trim levels.

A leader is the first one, which includes sliding doors on one side, remote locking, halogen headlamps and 15-inch wheels. Inside the cabin, you have a DAB radio, a TFT screen of 4.2 inches, Bluetooth, electric windows, and audio control through a remote. These are many standard features for riders’ ease.

Driver seat adjustment is possible, so you can get to a comfortable position for holding hands on the steering. The trend is the next trim level and offers additional specs in comparison to the leader. Fog lights, powered door mirrors, parking sensors for both ends and full wheel covers are offered in this trim. Automatic wipers start working when raindrops fall on the screen.

The top trim level is limited, and it offers more than the earlier two

These additional facilities make your driving easier as they provide you with parking and other jobs. The infotainment system screen has become bigger, and you can navigate features easily on an eight-inch screen. Cruise control is present for motorway driving, and a heated windscreen lets you drive in extremely cold weather.

The top trim level is limited, and it offers more than the earlier two trims. Bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights are part of this trim. Sixteen-inch alloy wheels and air-conditioning are also present for a good ride experience. Ford has designed these trim packages to meet your different needs while driving this commercial van.

Stylish Trail variants are also present to let you have a more attractive exterior of this van. Second hand Ford Transit engines for sale give you the liberty to choose a cheap alternative to the new unit. There is only one 2.0-litre engine, which is present under the hood of all models. This power unit is fuel efficient and less polluting than earlier ones. You can choose from power variants of this engine to suit your daily routine job on busy roads or take a load to faraway destinations.

The standard gearbox is manual, having six gears

The base level unit has 104bhp to pull and the most powerful unit is capable of 182bhp. The most powerful variants of the 2.0-litre engines are only offered in the Limited and Trail trims. Mild hybrid assistance is not available in all power variants of this engine. The standard gearbox is manual, having six gears, and the driver can shift them at will. For a commercial vehicle, seamless progress is enough, and the driver does not demand car-like sharp handling. Earlier 2.2-litre engines were fitted to the van, and now 2.0 litres ensure better fuel economy. As per Euro 6 standards, this engine has curbed emissions further to be greener than earlier. The Ad-Blue tank is present in all models of the van, and this 21-litre tank lasts for 6,000 miles. Regenerative braking and auto stop-start are also present to enhance efficiency further.