Ford Transit a van with high tech and refined drive quality

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20 Jul 2020

Ford Transit a van with high tech and refined drive quality


This class-leading van is comfortable and practical at the same time

The van category is full of very capable load carriers and Ford Transit is surely one of them. Ford Transit is not just a van. The company has given it some major changes and this has upped its game in the category. The vehicle is available in a passenger van, cargo van or crew van form.

There are also present latest driving assistance tools to keep the van and its load as well as the occupiers safe. Whatever aspect you uncover there is car-like feel in it. This is evident when you sit inside the cabin and there is no outside noise interfering inside.

The engines are Euro 6 compliant and they perform well also. Second hand Ford Transit engine for sale makes owning the van easy as these are good and reliable substitutes for the troubling one. There are a lot of configurations that can be applied to get the desired form.

The recent upgrade has also given changes to the interior as well as to some external parts. The changes have brought convenience with them and the environment inside advanced no doubt. The crew van is a really handy addition to the line-up as it provides multiple usages for personal and office use.

Euro 6 engines

The ones fitted in the present range are 2.0 Eco Blue turbo diesel engines. The range is full of surprises for the driver. The power outputs for the engine are 105hp with 360 Nm torque, 130hp with 385 Nm and 170hp with 405 Nm. There is also a new one added in the list with 185hp and 415 Nm.

All these engines are vigorous and despite the small size, these work very well. The torque associated with these engines is available at considerably early rev. This makes it very suitable to carry a heavy load. Also, there is available all-wheel drive which if fitted make the vehicle fit for use on rough surfaces also.

These new ones are better than the previous line up as they are quieter and provide better performance. Even the least one in the line-up can drive well in any condition, with or without load.

These engines are also more responsive and efficient. Ford Transit CDI remanufactured engine makes the journey worry-free. Manual transmission is standard but there is also 6-speed automatic transmission offered as an option.

Making the size smaller

With the upgrades, the driving experience has also improved. The van did drove well before but it is even better now. Driving this large van is easy. It does not even make things difficult for inexperienced large van drivers. The improved parts are aimed at giving 7% more fuel economy than before.

The size of the van also seems to shrink when the driver has his hands on the steering. There have been changes in some materials used also. This is aimed at reducing weight. There is not much difference when the vehicle is empty but thee lighter parts does produce sound while there is the load at the back.

But the engines are good overall as they take the load nicely and the vehicle does not seem overworked. Ford engines supply and fitting give the owner a reliable service for an engine replacement. The payload area has increased significantly and there is no more space for load-carrying which is even better.

Also, there is no price change the van can be bought as cheap as before. So you are looking at an attractive deal that has lots of goodies but at a reasonable price.

Technology and exterior changes

There have been some changes for the front of the vehicle such as the LED daylights, redesigned grille and bumpers. The more significant is technology additions that made life with this van easier. There is latest 4G connectivity, the enhanced engine of 185hp, electric power-assisted steering and a mild hybrid electric vehicle called Eco Blue Hybrid.

This vehicle is not hybrid as taken for cars, there are a stop/start function and small batteries to support ignition. A full electronic version is still to come. The payload capacity has also increased due to the weight-saving materials as this has allowed the vehicle to carry more weight at the back.

Driver assisting features that ensure safety

When the driver is assisted rightly the van will be safe and the people on road also. When the driver is driving a large van then it is natural to do a mistake. But when there are helpful features on board the driver is well known of the road ahead and its surroundings.

Standard forward-collision warning with automated emergency braking, standard lane-keeping assistance and lane departure warning are there. For the optional list, there is a blind-spot warning and adaptive cruise control. All these give a very good ranking to the van for safety.

The driver can avoid major accidents and in turn, the company can be safe from big damage. So in every way this vehicle is able enough to spend money on it. Vans are mostly for commercial use and this large van serves the purpose well.