Ford Transit – an all-time legend still in life

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7 Aug 2019

Ford Transit – an all-time legend still in life

Ford Transit

Almost all the businesses in the UK using light commercial vans – 1 out of three is Transit vans

Ford Transit is an all-time legend in the UK market. Where, it has also seen a time when every light commercial van whatever the brand was, called Transit van like a common name in the UK.

Ford Transit is available in the more than 400 trims in the UK and has several models according to the body type. There are long-wheelbase models, short-wheelbase models, Minivans, passenger carriers and tipper and trucks and even the Transit buses.

Compare to any of the predecessors in the UK, new Transit can carry more than 10 per cent extra loads. And is more than 20 per cent extra efficient on the road and returns more than 30 per cent extra fuel economy with the help of Ford EcoBoost and Duratorq engines.

The new Transit is extra efficient, with long-wheelbase variation now, with three body lengths. It can be opted according to the business needs. Ford Transit is the all-time leader in the panel vans segment and it is the only light commercial in the market which offers extreme customization and double cab feature. There is none other who has offered the double cab body type so far.

Ford is now offering the same class the interior and equipment which the brand is using on its smaller vans. So far the new interior and equipment have been modified on the majority of vans in the UK. The dashboard structure, styling cues and some structural changes have been copied from the passenger cars of Ford like the Focus models.

Why Ford Transit when there is a massive range of competitors?

The reason is simple, the legacy it carries, and the experience of the field it has. The quality it has, none others can beat. Overall, Ford Transit is a strong light commercial van on the road. It feels relatively smaller than its exact dimension on the street. But bigger in capacity presents a comfortable driving experience of a car ride for inexperienced drivers.

Ford Transit performance

Across the range in the UK, the Transit is powered by Ford Transit 2.2-litre diesel engine, Ford transit alternative engines are additionally easily available in the market and all the modern engines on the Transit diesel vehicles named as Duratorq TDCi.

These diesel engines crank more torque from the lower revs. And available in three power outputs from 99bhp to 123bhp and 153bhp. The Transit drivetrains are available in all driving modes e.g. from all-wheel power versions to front-wheel-drive versions.

Ford in the UK

Ford is not more a UK manufacturer and it cannot be said that the transit has moved its manufacturing facilities. And all its business models outside the UK. Ford has nested in Turkey from Dagenham. It is no more an in the UK produced Transit now.

The Southampton manufacturing facility has also been closed and the company’s new EcoBoost engines are also being fabricated in Turkey. However, at least, Eco blue diesel engines are still being manufactured on the Dagenham Plant but not sure that when they would also move to some other manufacturing facility.

Ford manufactures a model for all people in the UK considering. That they are well aware of the needs of the consumers of the Transit vans in the UK. The transit is among the most flexible van. And it has three engine picks in several variants from diesel to petrol. The Bi-fuels system additionally presented in the Transit engines and it’s ready to run on a couple of fuel choices now.

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