Ford Transit Celebrates 50th Birthday in Mondello

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10 Sep 2015

Ford Transit Celebrates 50th Birthday in Mondello

Old Ford Transit

The 50th anniversary of the Ford Transit has been made remarkable by Ford Ireland

For the last five decades, if any vehicle deserves to be called the king of commercial vehicles, it’s none other than the legendary Ford Transit. In Ireland, this name has been so popular that they have literally named their streets cape in every town and city. With its petrol and diesel engines, Transit has become an integral part of every business.

So what was that event?

This event was so remarkable that it showcased a number of representative vehicles from all these years. The most remarkable piece was the second Transit ever made its way out of the production line, it is owned by Peter Lee, President of the UK Transit Van Club.

And to spice of the things even more, there was something in a special commemorative wrap, a 350 medium wheelbase model, and yes! The latest version of van which will be used as a parts delivery van by Lillis O’Donnell Ltd.

What else was there?

There was a regular star of vintage and car shows, a 2010 Mk 2 Transit, which was originally a  camper but over a period of 16 months, was turned into a single cab Recovery Truck owned by Denis O’Connor from Carrick-on-Suir.

And then there was a restored yellow recovery truck powered by 2.5-litre Transit diesel engine from a later model. This van is owned by Mark Carter and is restored by him and his friend Declan Munnelly, who also is a big fan of Transits and has three of his own.

A 1973 Mk 1 twin-wheel pickup from Ballina was also found there which is owned by Paddy Maughan.

Was there any special entry?

Yes, there was. A 1970 Ford Transit ambulance whose log book shows every single trip made on duty and says that it has covered just 5,000 miles in all these years. The blue light and siren along with all other accessories onboard still work absolutely fine even till this day. Michelin tyre factory in Ballymena has brought this vehicle to the show to feast the eyes of Ford Transit enthusiasts.

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