Ford Transit Connect is Compact Utility Van

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26 Nov 2021

Ford Transit Connect is Compact Utility Van

Ford Transit Connect Van Engine

Ford Transit Connect is a small van

New Ford Transit Connect is a good looking vehicle with ample space inside. Drive is very much car-like and compact size keeps manoeuvring easy. People can add optional features to enhance the drive and ride experience of the new Transit Connect. The engine of the vehicle is not adequately powered when you want to leave behind other vehicles on the motorway.

For frequent drive on busy roads and covering small distances Connect is among the best options. Refinement and interior quality should be made better but it is liked for its practicality. Passenger van configuration allows you to carry seven people and cargo van lets you transport a reasonable load.

As a cargo delivery van, it is very practical for its small size. Two wheelbases increase flexibility for buyers to choose the right one for their needs. Long wheelbase Transit Connect has more space. Two four-cylinders units are present to choose from for your Connect van.

Ride quality is not very refined as suspension keeps you unsettled on seats due to softness. Ford offers lots of options to configure it and your deep pocket lets you add features you desire to have in this compact van. The present year model does not offer any significant improvement from the previous year model so you can save money by purchasing the previous model of Transit Connect.

Ford offers three different trims to buyers and these are equipped differently. The price difference among the trims is not significant and base model XL has been the pick of the options. Ford Transit Connect reconditioned engines come in handy when a reliable solution to engine problems is what the owner needs.

Adaptive cruise control is an option for buyers of the XLT model

Next in the line-up is XLT trim, which adds more features to the van than entry-level XL. Infotainment systems with Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility are standard in this trim. This is why it functions just like any modern infotainment system. This touchscreen also has a navigation system as standard to give you the facility to locate destinations.

Wi-Fi hot spot feature is also standard in the XLT model of Connect. Apart from tech features, the driver will have different kinds of aides like blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert to keep the driver well informed of traffic around. This is an effort to mitigate accident and collision possibilities.

Adaptive cruise control is an option for buyers of the XLT model so they can add it to get the desired assistance. It is a compact van but you can have parking sensors for both ends and lane-keeping assistance is present in the same list as well. The trailer tow package is another recommendation from experts.

With a towing capacity of 200lbs, you can use it for towing some heavy objects. It has a shared platform of Ford Focus so drive dynamics are quite good and you will enjoy holding hands on the steering wheel. Eco blue diesel units were introduced for Connect in 2018 and these have proved an excellent match to the utility of the van.

The Exterior of Transit Connect has been made better over the years and the cabin now becomes more car-like to appeal to buyers further. Ford has made its compact van good to drive and better to feel.

 All these units have been paired with

There are many competitors of Transit Connect so continuous progress becomes indispensable for the small van. With its flexibility to configure you can use it for a variety of purposes. Roof height remains constant for Transit Connect. One sliding door is standard whereas on the other side you can add for enhanced convenience.

The rear split door is also standard for the courier or cargo van model of Transit Connect. Steel bulkhead serves well for the safety of driver and passenger in the front cabin. It is present in all models of the small van. Double cab van offers another row of seats so that five seats become available.

Steel bulkhead can be removed if not needed. The passenger van has been configured as a five or seven seats vehicle. Power for the van comes from a Euro 6 compliant unit of 1.5 litres. This unit comes with different power variations. Diesel unit power variation ranges from 75PS to 120PS.

All these units have been paired with a manual gearbox consisting of six gears. For the two more powerful variants buyers can have eight-speed auto instead of a standard manual gearbox. Replacement engines for Ford Transit Connect let one choose an inexpensive way to engine breakdown rather than selling the vehicle.

It is a small unit and does pulling efficiently

Shifting of gears remains smooth so driving becomes a very good experience. There is another option in form of a 1.0-litre petrol unit. It is an Eco-boost unit, capable of 100PS and paired with a manual gearbox. This turbo petrol unit is ideal for a small van doing urban duty. It is a small unit and does pulling efficiently.

There are only front wheels drive configurations available to buyers but some optional features can increase traction. The base-level model has a list of features like DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity, steel wheels and central locking. Steering is not only used to drive but for several other purposes. Standard safety features are also present in all models of the van. Keyless entry, air conditioning and an array of optional features can be enjoyed in higher trim levels. Fuel economy with auto speed transmissions is 58mpg whereas standard manual gearbox ensures 63mpg.