Ford Transit Connect, most trustworthy van for personal and commercial use

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7 Oct 2019

Ford Transit Connect, most trustworthy van for personal and commercial use

Ford Transit Connect engines

In any version, its utilitarian nature does not diminish

For a van to be successful it should have the capability to be practical in any form it is used. Ford has always aimed its efforts on delivering this basic function to the purchasers and throughout its existence, it has not failed.

Do not think though that there is nothing else in the van. Throughout its life, there have been additions to make it a better place to drive as well as for the passengers to travel. This van can be used as a load-carrying vehicle or a passenger carrier.

In both forms, there is plenty of space and utility present. There are three height and length options present to choose from according to the purpose. Ford listens to its customers also and act upon what can be improved.

For the upcoming version the new update there is predicted to be refreshed power units as well as new features added. Ford Transit Connect present engines are not less in any regard. There is a great power produced to tow 7500 pounds in the cargo van and 5100 in a passenger van.

Ford Transit Connect engines replacement is not a hard task these days. Unfortunately if you start facing powerless performance probably this is the time to replace your Ford Transit Connect engine, in fact Ford reconditioned engine are the best and real cost effecting option which gives a perfect alternative to replace the troubling one.

The ongoing engines

There are three engines on offer for now and everyone has its advantages. For the standard unit, there is a 3.7-litre V6 engine with 275 hp and 260 pound-feet of torque. If you do not want to use this one then there is an option of a Transit connect 3.2-litre engine with 185 hp and 350 lb-ft torque.

Still, if this one is not good enough then the last choice is a twin-turbo V6 engine with 3.5-litre capacity and 310 hp. The torque this one delivers is 400 lb-ft. there is a six-speed automatic transmission available throughout the range and only rear-wheel drive.

For now, there is no option of all-wheel drive. Among these, the twin-turbo engine produces a really good power while pulling. It is really quick and even with load in the back, the performance is not affected much.

The engines respond smoothly and healthily not letting the driver feel the load vehicle is carrying. There will be changes in the forthcoming upgrade for the year 2020 which are expected to make it more capable.

Also, the transmission is going to change to ten-speed automatic. If these are true then the van will have lower end rev and an improved pull.

The interior space and comfort

For a work van, this one has really good comfort. The driver and the passengers have a good atmosphere inside throughout the journey. A good thing is that there is a less truck-like feel while driving and sitting as a passenger.

The entering height has been reduced as compared to the older vans which facilitate the easy way in. The capacity inside as people carrier or load carrier depends on which height and length are selected.

15 people can adjust in easily but still, it depends on your choice. The van tops in giving a big yet safe place at the back. The combinations present to be utilized are huge and in many various forms, you can order your van.

Technological advancements

From the technological point of view, the goodies installed are standard and optional. If you are not satisfied with the standard fittings and have money in hand then go for the options.

As standard, there is a key-less entry, full power windows, door locks and mirrors, an adjustable steering wheel, rear view camera having trailer hitch assist. These are simple things on offer.

But the options have more then there is a long list of technology present as an option. Power folding mirrors, cruise control, and rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and wipers, lane departure warning, remote engine start and rear air conditioning.

Bluetooth, 4-inch multi-functional display, USB port, voice control and still more can also be availed. Usually, van drivers want their work to be done quickly and off they go. But to enjoy your work and still get facilities in the go these options are a good idea.