Ford Transit Connect Small but Very Useful for Urban Duty

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17 Sep 2021

Ford Transit Connect Small but Very Useful for Urban Duty

Ford Transit Connect Engine

Some businesses do not need full-size vans so Transit Connect offer them an opportunity at a low price

Ford Transit Connect is a utility vehicle and you will surely like it for its space and practicality. For urban duties its passenger van and load carrier body, both very handy. Some businesses do not need full-size vans so Transit Connect offer them an opportunity at a low price.

Another big concern of people interested in this vehicle is the price of big vans so they find it a feasible option to meet their requirements. It is compact in size so driving on busy roads is not difficult. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is also good so from all important aspects, the compact van has become a top choice.

It has four cylinders unit and its car-like chassis provides the basis for its success. Payload capacity is good as per size and price of the vehicle so you would like to have such an option either to carry load or transport passengers. Used Ford Transit Connect engines for sale are selected with due care to replace power units, not working well.

When you match it with a regular van, it may seem quite small due to load carrying capacity but it still suits many businesses in the market. The van comes in two different wheelbases so further choices have been added for the buyers.

If your needs are a little bit more than a standard Connect has been offering then you can own a long-wheelbase model of the van. The long-wheelbase model of the van has been made longer in comparison to the previous generation model but the standard model length has been shortened as well.

Cargo vans with either of two trims

It is the second generation model of the van and first-generation Transit Connect were taller too. In the second generation, these vans have become seven inches shorter. For tall people, it is not good news as they could not move easily inside the van. It is available in two body styles passenger van and the load carrier.

There are three trim levels present but one of them is only for the passenger van. XL, XLT and Titanium are three trim levels and the load carrier has only the first two of them. Cargo vans with either of two trims can be long-wheelbase or standard wheelbase but passenger vans XL and Titanium could only be in long wheelbase.

On a long wheelbase, you will have seven seats so you can easily use it for multiple purposes. XLT passenger van can be either of the two wheelbases so you will have five seats or seven seats. There are two engines, you can choose from. Four cylinders 2.5 litre unit is good to pull this car and standard.

Optional turbocharged 1.6 litre is capable of 178hp and torque of 184lb ft. these figures look good, particularly when you choose the long-wheelbase model. Standard 2.5 litre unit is capable of 169hp and 171lb ft. torque. This van is available only with front wheels drive configuration and with auto speed transmissions.

Six speed auto transmissions are sleek and shift smoothly. Fuel economy of 25mpg is really good for a van, which can be used for commercial purposes too, reconditioned Ford Transit Connect engines pull with similar efficiency. You can trust these units for their good and reliable condition.

Matching bumpers are offered in the next trim

Air conditioning is standard so you will find it in all models whether cargo or passenger van. Vinyl upholstery, power windows and door locks are also standard among other features for Connect cargo van. The passenger van gets two rows of seats behind the driver and second-row windows are also power.

It is simply a convenience for the people inside the cabin. Matching bumpers are offered in the next trim, XLT. Fog lights, heated and powered wing mirrors, cloth-covered seats, 4.2 inches display for multiple functions and cruise control are also present in the XLT Connect cargo van. Rear privacy glass is present in a passenger van XLT model. Climate control and a rear-view camera are also present in its standard features. In Titanium trim, which is only for a passenger van, you get alloy wheels, auto functioning wipers and headlamps and auto-folding wing mirrors. Dual-zone climate control makes it easy for occupants to have the desired environment inside.

A towing package allows you to tow reasonable weight

Leather upholstery makes Titanium Connect passenger van upscale in feel. You also get a powered seat for the driver to get the perfect driving position. Voice control Ford sync system is also part of the trim. In this way, you get a lot of features in this little passenger van.

The sound system with four speakers is the last to mention here. Front and rear parking sensors are optional and you can add them for enhanced safety while parking the van in a tight place. A towing package allows you to tow reasonable weight. Fixed panoramic roof option is also present with roof rack to add practicality to the van. A bigger screen with a navigation system is also optional. A lot of useful options are present for owners of the car. These options surely make your Connect more convenient for you to drive and also enhance the luxurious feel of the van. The standard engine of the van is good enough to pull the car without any problem.