Ford Transit Custom Now Save Lives

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4 Feb 2015

Ford Transit Custom Now Save Lives

Ford Transit Ambulance


Saving precious human life is a noble cause and whosoever participates in this cause, earns respect like Ford Transit.


NHS Blood and Transplant fleet need no introduction, since its formation in October 2005, it has saved numerous human lives by providing timely health services, thanks to its massive fleet of nearly 500 vehicles.  What you might not know is that in order to carry out all these vigorous efforts, NHS has showed its confidence in Ford and around 65 per cent of the vehicles commissioned are different Fords.

Each and every single Ford vehicle – whether it’s the Ford Focus Estate with blue-light or specially designed Ford Transit – is responsible for a key taskin keeping the lifeblood in circulation.



Larry Bannon is the national fleet service manager of NHSBT and he is more than pleased to have Ford Transit in the fleet, he expressed his feelings by saying that they are really excited to have Ford Transits in their fleet and pretty much confident that it will definitely exceed their expectations. Unlike some others, the Transit is the only logical choice that checks all the boxes and undeniably, is the perennial best in class throughout this industry. And the best thing about Ford is that they have unmatched network support and second to none spare parts supply network.


In order to observe absolute cleanliness for regularly audited levels, each van has a special water-proof interior which enables power-washing without any risk and the custom work done ensures that they fulfil the requirements of emergency service livery and special storage equipment.



Bannon further added that in every stage of the blood donation process, the use of Ford vehicles is the most valuable decision they have made. These vehicles are collecting the blood from all the blood donation sites and then transport them to the testing facilities in regional processing sites and then to the hospitals, where they deliver the units of blood to save the life.


Terry Adams, Ford Direct Sales Manager has stated that it feels really great to know that there is a life-saving service which is only a phone call away and the most delightful part is to acknowledge their unshakeable faith in the reliability and safety of Ford Transit.