Why Ford Transit Diesel Engines Are Ideal For Commercial Use?

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11 Sep 2014

Why Ford Transit Diesel Engines Are Ideal For Commercial Use?

Ford Transit Connect 2014

Upward efficiency in diesel engines has moved the fleet van market one level up


In past few decades diesel engines emphasised their importance in the commercial and fleet van sector. They have even dominated into the standard cars as greener engines with state of the art technologies. Fuel injection systems have been changed and the TDI and EcoBoost technologies are leading the game. Some of the main stream automakers are admitting that these new generation diesel engines could make the case for running electric vehicles even more difficult.


The Ford Transit Connect has moved the commercial van and fleet van sector a level up and it is very good sign for fleet operators to move on to Ford Transit diesel engines.


Even the managing director of a most dominant German brand believes that the technology used in Ford diesel engines has significantly advanced over past few years and now Ford has a chance to get back into the leading position. He further added that Ford has been using some of the most advanced fuel saving technologies in the new Transit connect that will help the customers to go easy on their wallets when filling their vehicles up.

Transit Connect has a range of diesel engines empowering it but the most reliable and admired engine is the 1.6 Litre EcoBoost that offers the best fuel economy in the van sector. It is tested for a 30mpg on motorway which is very hard to beat for other vans. Ford Transit Connect diesel engine generates the best 178bhp and 184 lb-ft of torque which is enough power to get your job done.


The Transit Connect engine is coupled to a six-speed SelectShift auto transmission which is especially designed to handle the low-end torque required for carrying heavy loads.

The all new Transit connect 2014 design is based on purpose-built philosophy that offers extended flexibility helps you stay productive. It has a massive payload capacity of 1710 lbs. which is extendable to 2000-lbs. when fully equipped.