Ford Transit Driven Around with a Dog Dragged Behind

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22 Mar 2016

Ford Transit Driven Around with a Dog Dragged Behind


A passer-by captured some pictures in the Fenton Industrial Estate in Stoke where passengers in the van forced the dog to do three laps

What happened?

According to a passer-by, he saw a helpless dog being dragged behind a Ford Transit diesel engine powered van,driven around an industrial estate. That dreadful moment was captured by that passer-by on the Fenton Industrial Estate, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

He further added that there were some passengers sitting in the back of the van and they were laughing at the poor dog who was forced to do several laps behind the van.

Are they captured?

The images taken on Tuesday at 6:30 pm were released by the RSPCA to track down the perpetrators who intentionally tortured the poor dog. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, if anyone is caught and prosecuted for purposefully harming any animal could face a six-months prison or a fine of up to £20,000.

Charlotte Melvin, RSPCA inspector said that “the caller told us he had seen the van circling the industrial estate three times with a dog being dragged behind, and that the people inside the vehicle were laughing.” Inspector further added “these roads are Tarmac surfaces and I’d imagine the dog’s feet would have been a painful mess after this awful ordeal”. The caller told inspector that someone was sitting in the back of the transit van with its back doors open dragging the dog behind it.


The dog looked really exhausted after that inhuman treatment.


What animal welfare campaigners say?

Cassie Fletcher, a trustee of Animal Lifeline branded the action “despicable” and said: “It’s lower than low. To do something like this is beyond belief. If the dog was on a lead, it had no option but to follow the van. It’s so cruel.”