Ford Transit, the most efficient commercial van ever

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20 Sep 2019

Ford Transit, the most efficient commercial van ever

Ford Transit engines for sale

It is now safer and more efficient with more utilitarian traits than before

You are looking for a van that looks calmer and lets you enjoy the soft look it has then Ford Transit Connect can be the perfect pick. This is a small van ready to be yours not only due to its simplicity but it also attracts the buyers with other features. Since its launch, this van has gone through a revolution aimed at positive advancement. The success can be seen especially in its inside build. For the present model, the Transit gets all that is important to keep it in the market among so many SUVs ready to take its place. Talking about SUV, if you are not that much eager to reach out for a car like but still a big transport for your family Transit Connect will give you a nice alternative. It is a calm vehicle fit for carrying people as well as loads fit for the size. You do not want an SUV to get the small van with its lots of space inside you are going to love it. The engine side is moderate; it targets those particularly looking for a vehicle that is safe and in control. Ford Transit second-hand engines are as good as the original ones so no need to hesitate for a replacement. Ford Transit Connect engine replacement can prove to be even better if purchased from the right place.

Three engines at the offer

The engine choice is simple with three different capacities. There is a 2.0-litre petrol engine which is accompanied by a 1.5-litre diesel engine plus a 2.5-litre engine. There are different outputs associated with these making it affordable yet giving you many features which could have raised the price. But still, it is kept in control. The 2.0-litre engine and the 1.5-litre are new ones in Transit Connect. Some may find this one not able to give a full-fledge performance regarding the engines but this is subjective criticism. You are going to get steering which is highly responsive and accurate. Handling becomes enjoyable with these two features intact adding to it is the refinement. The weight of this one is kept as low as possible which further makes it feel like a car. The first two engines have eight-speed automatic transmission paired and also come with start/stop button increasing the fuel-saving factor. The 2.5-litre unit is not a common one in the range available only for one trim. Transit Connect engine rebuild provides a healthy alternative just in case you need it.

Features available

The new Ford Transit Connect has got a fine list of features perfect for making it a capable vehicle. To start with there are 10 colours from which you can choose and apply to give Connect a personalized look. There are three trims on offer; Base, Trend and Limited. For all these the low roof is standard but there are options of the higher medium roof and tall roof. So this means there is a choice of height. There is also two body lengths long and small wheelbase. There is good space inside for carrying the load and for this type two seats are available. In the passenger van type, there is a capacity of seven people to fit in easily with lots of leg and headroom. Along with this, the transport is safe adding another element for making more family-friendly. Simplicity does not mean there are no advanced features present the technology side along with other aspects have been given upgrade.

Technology goodies

Ford has done a good job while upgrading the technology installed. The seating arrangement is not high as in other vans to give a feel of a car when inside. The dashboard comes with all controls in the centre with a 6.5-inch touch screen. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, dual-zone climate control and wireless charging is present. For the safety side Anti-lock brakes, hill start assist, a backup camera, post-crash alert system and tire pressure monitoring. Blind-spot monitoring, cruise control and cross-traffic alert are also there. The list does not end here. For the driver assistance package you get to have trailer sway control, emergency braking system, a backup camera and torque vectoring control.

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