Ford Transit, the most reliable van for commercial and personal use

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13 Nov 2019

Ford Transit, the most reliable van for commercial and personal use

Ford Transit

Owning a minivan for your family might not be cool but just give this one a try

There are many values we are losing for exchange of an advanced era. But one way or another we are at loss. But Ford Transit is there give you back the feeling you might have as a child. This minivan might be driven by your parents and they loved it.

Emotions apart this one is of the utilitarian and practical nature and if you are not after looks then this will work well. Ford Transit body structure is mostly not liked by those who are after a good looking car. But another person like me might not agree with this judgment.

So this varies from person to person. There are sharp lines and cuts to define every side of the vehicle but the boxy style makes them diminish. For the inside, there is a wide opening that lets the passenger in without any hurdle or squeezed openings.

Especially when you are carrying something in your other hand and you have to operate the sliding door with the other it becomes difficult. But mostly it is used as a light commercial van and not for the purpose it was built for.

Ford Transit engine is a calm one according to the purpose of its built. Ford Transit replacement engines are a facility to be availed in hard times.

There is a new engine on-board

The old one was replaced by the 2.0-litre inline-4 which produces 150 hp. This is a front-wheel vehicle and with that, there is the 144 lb-ft torque. Yes, you are thinking right that it is not enough and it is not. The company should at least make its engine work in a better way.

When two passengers are on board it works pretty well, but as the load increases, the engine becomes rigid and takes more time to respond. The present van categories are full of small to large vans which has an agile drive according to their weight and purpose.

There is an eight-speed automatic transmission paired to it which is a nice convenience factor to enjoy the ride without worrying for changing the gear. The engine, however, is stable and reliable with no issues coming forward which keep the car standing at the workshop now and then. The manufacturers do the work of Transit engines rebuild to refurbish it having better traits and performance.

Features worth mentioning

With all the engine talk the van might seem to be a boring one to purchase. But the thought is wrong. Many features make you think again about it. You want to choose it as a passenger carrier there is good space inside with a nice leg and headroom.

With a long wheelbase, you can even have seven people fitted in easily. As a load carrier, you also have a good room to carry small to mid-size items easily. Even in the passenger form folding down the seats make this one a multi-purpose transport.

The boot space increases with two seats folded and with four folded it increases even further. There is not much of technology interfering with manpower over here. With manual seats and doors plus the tailgate, this one takes you back to the time.

But all these make this one practical and tough. There is standard and optional technology present to give some modern touches. The infotainment screen is however small which deducts the points it would have gained otherwise. Ford Transit second-hand engines are always there for replacement as well.

Economy side improved

With the new power train what has given an edge to the vehicle the most is its enhanced economy side. It tops up in the class where SUVs are gaining popularity. Even these modern people carriers, as well as adventure squad, are also struggling to get such an economy score.

So this means you can do your work or enjoy with the family without an empty pocket. The engine does well for the city roads and there is hard work going on under the bonnet to give its best while on the road. Top of it this one is environment-friendly which is very important for the present atmosphere situation.

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