Hugely Versatile Ford Transit Custom Double-Cab

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6 Aug 2015

Hugely Versatile Ford Transit Custom Double-Cab

DOuble Cab Transit Van

Big van is up there with award-winning capabilities, and it has proven itself a hugely versatile and universally popular van…

Ford Transit has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable, versatile and universally popular light commercial van. It offers a massive range of models from short wheels too long wheels and passenger vans to school buses under the name of the Transit.

Sometimes, people living in the congested areas in the UK, unable to park their own car outside their own home, and it caused all kinds of stresses at the same time.

Similar conditions arise when pre-allocated spaces, found engaged by someone else before you arrive there. Even a trip to a local shopping centre can be a pricey affair if you mistakenly enter incorrect information at the parking reception.

These issue multiplies with 100 when you have a larger vehicle like a 5.3 meter long Ford Transit. But having a Ford transit is not all about the issues, it is a universally admired vehicle.

A 2.2-litre Ford Transit diesel engine comes with three power dominations where smallest offers 99bhp then 123bhp and a 153bhp. Best in class ECOnetic technology helps all these models to cut the fuel bills by being fuel economical.

Transit Custom double-cab is a long wheel based model and gets its power from a most compelling 2.2-litre TDCi Ford Transit engine. It is not a big deal to buy this big vehicle because it will set you back within £31,500. In central London and other busy areas, keys of new double cab are in hot demand.

This new double-cab version packs a punch too, with its traditional low-down torque delivery even from a standstill. Unlike the previous generations of long wheel base Transit models, it has a light and swiftly responsive steering. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and driving, the experience is not less than any car.

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