‘Supervan’ Tribute to Ford Transit

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8 May 2015
Ford Teansit Supervan

The success of Ford Transit van will be celebrated by the launch of a 435bhp version, rigged with a V8 engine will pay the tribute. Only five years after its launch in 1965, there were more than 400,000 Ford Transits running on the roads in early 1970s. Ford has always craved for more power with […]

Ford Transit – Star Performer for 50 Years

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5 May 2015
50 years gloden edition

Can any of you name the stars Ford Transit has been pictured with throughout its life?   Ford Transit has earned the reputation of being the A-list van in the whole world and ever since the first model rolled out the production line, it has been pictured with a lot of celebrities. A few of […]

Celebrating Golden Jubilee of Ford Transit in a Royal Way

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28 Apr 2015
Gold Transit Fleet

What else would be a good way to celebrate 50 years than to run Golden Fords for promotion   Ford has produced Golden edition of its insanely popular van, Ford Transit. A fleet has been dispatched to roam around events, public places, shows and dealerships until 8/9 August, the day or anniversary. Five decades of […]

The 2015 Ford Transit has Arrived

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23 Apr 2015

  Ford Transit 2015 has arrived but it’s predecessors will be missed   Ford Transit is the king of vans because of real time customisability and flexibility offered with Transit.  The 2015 Transit again offers three wheelbases and three roof heights. Passenger version is highly luxurious and comfortable. An exclusively new Ford Transit engine line-up […]

Ford Transit is Still the Golden Egg for Thieves

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21 Apr 2015
Ford Van

  Transit commercial van celebrates 50th anniversary this year and it is still the favorite of thieves   Ford Transit is the highly praised light commercial vehicle in UK since its launch about a half century ago, on August 9, 1965. Ford has sold almost 8 million Transit models since the first vehicle left the […]

Ford Prepares to Celebrate 50 Years of Transit

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16 Apr 2015
ford transit

  In August this year Ford will celebrate Transit’s 50th anniversary. Ever since its first model built in 1965, 8 million units have rolled out   August 9, 1965 was the day when the very first Ford Transit rolled out from the production line and since then, it has never looked back. In August this […]

Ford Transit Attracts Thieves

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14 Apr 2015
Keep Transit-Safe

West Yorkshire police advised Transit owners from Bradford to secure their vans after a rise in Transit van theft rate in the area   West Yorkshire police has issued a warning to the owners of Ford Transit vans that the van theft rate in the area is rising. Police has also warned the owners of […]

5 Odd Uses of Ford Transit Van

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9 Apr 2015
Ford Transit Van

  Ford Transit Van is a light-commercial vehicle flexible for transformation according to customer needs   Ford Transit Van is the most famous and loved van in the UK, almost every department from police to private, every business from small to large and even individuals use the Transit van for their own purposes. It has […]

3 Reasons Why Ford Transit Leads the LCV Market

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31 Mar 2015
Ford Transit Custom

Ford Transit comes with wide choice of models and is fun to drive   Ford Transit is the most successful light commercial van since its first launch in 1965 and still leads the market. Ford Transit custom is a mid-sized van and is a relatively new version of the Ford Transit which has been developed […]

Ford Transit Custom Turned into Caravan for Charity

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25 Mar 2015
Ford Transit Custom Caravan for charity

Wellhouse Leisure is a Shepley campervan firm and aims to raise £25,000 for the charity   Nadine Langley (left), children’s nurse care coordinator at the Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, with (from left) David and Sarah Elliott, of Wellhouse Leisure, and Jason Costello, head of community fundraising for the hospice   A charity drive has […]