Prisoners are Unhappy with the All-New Ford Transit

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9 Oct 2014

Prisoners are Unhappy with the All-New Ford Transit

Ford Transit PTV for 12

Have a Good Ride Criminals


Ford has introduced all new Ford Transit with a different form of marketing, by touting how unhappy the occupants will be. Ford’s press release for its new Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle (Transit PTV) does just that, proclaiming: “[The] Only People Not Thrilled About Riding in All-New Ford Transit? Prisoners.” This is a Ford for its corrections officer sense of fun.


The Transit PTV is a modern-day paddy wagon developed with input from Ford’s Police Advisory Board with a group of law-enforcement officials from across North America and Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions. The PTV is based on a long-wheelbase, medium-roof version of the new Transit, and it can carry up to 12 prisoners in three separate compartments.


One of the pictures shows a bench seating for six in the rearmost compartment complete with a wall-mounted strap for cuffed hooligans to grasp. Based on the full-size Transit van, the Prisoner Transport Vehicle can move as many as 12 prisoners in three separate compartments between detention facilities.


Transit’s considerable configuration options that include threeroof heights, two wheelbases, three lengths and four body-styles – not to mention engine options that include the flex-fuel 3.7-litre V6, 3.5-litre EcoBoost and 3.2-litre Power Stroke diesel.


And no matter what Ford says, we bet at least some prisoners will experience a thrill riding in the PTV. Ford police marketing manager, Jonathan Honeycutt said: “Transit PTV is the latest example of Ford’s deep commitment to helping provide law enforcement agencies with capable vehicles. This concept proves Transit is upfit-ready and designed to Built Ford Tough standards.”