The Ford Transit Connect is a good choice for busy urban roads

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27 Apr 2022

The Ford Transit Connect is a good choice for busy urban roads

Ford Transit Connect

It has become fuel-efficient, better equipped to drive safely and suits different types of needs

Small in size and easy to manoeuvre, the Ford Transit Connect is a choice for most delivery businesses in all parts of the world. Ford has built it to cater to the needs of urban delivery businesses because large vans are difficult to drive and park in city streets.

It is quite capable of carrying loads, and its body design lets you load and unload goods/boxes without difficulty. It is a good looking and very useful vehicle. Since its launch, it has progressed to be appreciated by every buyer. It has become fuel-efficient, better equipped to drive safely and suits different types of needs.

These qualities have made it one of the best small vans. Most models of the vehicle now have a 1.5-litre diesel engine. It is offered in 3 different power outputs. The least powerful offers 75bhp, which is followed by the 100bhp variant, and the most powerful gives 120bhp.

The most powerful engine is suitable for cruising on the motorway and carrying heavy loads frequently. You can get replacement Ford Transit Connect engines for sale and place them under the bonnet. The small engine model of the van keeps the fuel bill affordable. It is more like driving a car than a commercial load carrier.

The fuel economy of the 1.5-litre unit is great and makes it popular among buyers. Ford returned to the high payload segment with a good value for your money. There are many options you can choose from to make this van the right one for your needs. Petrol engine models are also present, but these engines lack the usual punch. Apart from standard features, you can add additional features, but the price will increase.

There is no possibility of roof height variation possibility

Ford keeps buyers excited by introducing changes to Transit Connect models. An altogether new Connect will be introduced soon. In 2018, a facelift to the vehicle was provided. Weak areas will have been improved in the latest version, so that buyers may find it appealing.

Two different lengths have been offered, L1 and L2. The large one holds more goods than the standard length. There is no roof height variation possibility, so there is little dimension variation. Panel van and passenger van configurations cover a variety of needs.

The passenger van model comes with the option of five seats and a seven-seat capacity. A piece of additional fuel-saving equipment has been introduced in the latest model. Intelligent battery usage is also achieved, and these steps have made your new Transit Connect a very economical load/passenger carrier.

Gear shift indicators and auto-stop/start technology also enhance fuel economy. Diesel engine variants can be paired with either manual gearboxes or auto speed transmissions. Tested and tried, Ford Transit reconditioned engines are an alternative to brand new power units.

A manual gearbox is liked by most drivers for its smooth shifting. The handling of the van is also good, and control of the van is enjoyed through accurate steering. Ford has fitted the Transit Connect with an excellent suspension to make its ride very comfortable. It makes a lot of difference for the passenger-carrying models of the van.

The Ecoboost petrol unit is also a good choice for fuel economy, but the limited power of the unit does not let experts recommend it. The best fuel economy is achieved with the 100bhp variant of the 1.5-litre diesel units. It returns a fuel economy of above 67mpg. Without Econetic technology, the average fuel economy of the same engine drops to 58mpg.

Compatibility of both types of phones also presents

The interior does not have a premium touch but a durable and practically built small van serves its needs well. buyers have several options to personalize the vehicle and enhance the drive/ride experience. It is a small commercial van, so plush ride quality is not possible.

Motorway cruising seems lethargic due to underpowered engines for the purpose, and patchy roads may unsettle cabin occupants. Advanced driver aids like blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control have been offered by Ford to Connect buyers.

The compatibility of both types of phones also presents entertainment options while travelling. Whether you choose a cargo van or a passenger van, it accelerates smoothly and fuel economy remains desirable. Buyers always find the best power unit among second-hand Ford Transit Connect engines for sale.

Every new model has got some attractions for buyers, and the latest Ford Transit Connect also comes with some deft changes to the previous model. Two models of cargo van and three passenger van have been offered. Ford Transit Connect XLT is the pick of the models.

Front and rear parking sensors can be added

This model is offered in both passenger van configuration and cargo van configuration. Touch screen infotainment system is standard for this model and Apple Car-play and Android Auto are also present. The built-in navigation system is also present to help drivers to reach unknown destinations.

Front and rear parking sensors can be added to enhance the ease of parking in tight areas. Among optional features, you can also add the towing package to pull a cart. Seats are low and riders feel it just travelling in a car than a van. The cargo van’s capacity to hold cargo is 127 cubic feet and by folding seats of the passenger van model you get 1.5 cubic feet. A large model of the van has three rows of seats so the rear two seats get folded to create maximum room for cargo. Wireless charging and dual-zone climate control are also quite popular optional features.