The most practical van along with good range of engines, Ford Transit

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12 Aug 2020

The most practical van along with good range of engines, Ford Transit

For both commercial and personal purpose, Ford Transit is the best option

New weather was observed during the test drive during severe weather conditions in Scandinavia. The car was first updated in 2014 and is set to hit the market again three years later with new looks and features. The Ford Transit is considered to be the second most famous and successful van in Europe after the Volkswagen T6. The van will be open for orders this year after delivery early next year.

Transport line up

The manufacturer has announced the distribution of two options in future releases. The upcoming version will be available in the following variants: Transit and Transit Connect with XL and XLT passenger vans. These panel vans are very popular in the United States. In addition to these two vans, there are currently two other versions of this family in Europe, namely Transit Courier and Transit Custom.

Engine specs

The engine needs good fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. This comes primarily with a Ford Transit 2.0-litre diesel engine TDC revised engine at 105, 130 and 170 horsepower in three different power outputs. There will be visible and structural improvements in the energy economy.

Test phase

The van was caught somewhere in Scandinavia during the winter cold weather. The camouflage pattern looks very promising with a slight factor and better headlights. From its first look, the van has almost retained its shape and size. The company has not yet given critical details about the dimensions and design.

What’s new in the infotainment system?

The new Ford Transit range includes an electrified Sync infotainment system. The company claims a better and more user-friendly experience in this latest version. SYNC 3 system drivers can better control their smartphone navigation systems, audio files and climate tasks. The system is intelligent to respond to voice commands such as “Find address”, “Find a coffee shop” or “Find a fuel station”.

The system is very responsive and comes with a large touchscreen for easy pressing and pinch operation. Buttons are immediately available to the driver. Apple Car Play and Android Auto functions are also part of this latest package that offers smartphone compatibility. The driver can easily use all the features of the phone like call answering calls, audio text messages and mobile connectivity regardless of driving.

Many apps can be accessed on the infotainment screen through the app link feature, including music files and weather updates. All these tasks are within a single click. The touchscreen gives you the feeling of using your phone with a single zoom in and out function. All the designing was done keeping in view its customers.

Interior and exterior design improvements

The test mule was viewed with a small topic. The grille looks more with a slight touch in design compared to the previous model. Currently, there are two types of headlights in a vehicle: projector xenon or halogen lamps are standard. However, looking at the prototype, we hope that the LED day-time running headlights will go into the upcoming version to appreciate the facelift.

Outwardly it looks stunning due to its distinctive features. However, the rear of the van looks similar to the vertical taillights and barn doors.

In terms of interior, the infotainment system is going to get a big jump. Ford will introduce the latest SYNC infotainment system in the vehicle. All basic functions are standardized, including satellite navigation, Bluetooth, Android and iOS phone connectivity and roadside assistance.

Telling about the dashboard design is a little early and if any new functions and buttons are introduced. We hope to have some more room in the cabin to transport extra cargo/goods. The van should be versatile enough so that it can be used at random twice as much as a cargo van with a passenger.

The integration of new safety features, including cruise control and alarm systems, is going to give the car a safer ride when the driver accidentally changes lanes, towing assistants and hill-start assistants.

We are all excited to see the New Ford Transit and get our hands on it. The manufacturer claims to include better-looking infotainment systems with some new features. And, the automatic gearbox helps the driver achieve smoother driving even in challenging terrain and extreme weather conditions.

Special height sensors are installed, which are sensitive to changes in height due to load changes. Its air suspension system is ideal for situations that require extra weight in the van. That is why Transit, which serves as a multipurpose van, is popular among its rivals.