Ford’s European Van Transit Gets a Makeover for Global Markets

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7 Aug 2014

Ford’s European Van Transit Gets a Makeover for Global Markets

65 years, since its birth, Transit has been an icon for hauling cargo and passengers around Europe and now is the time for Transit to go global


The new Transit is not just a cargo van anymore; it has been turned into a car like van in its seventh generation which was introduced at Detroit Auto Show last January. Without any doubt, it has been the best light commercial vehicle and passenger hauler in the UK and Europe since 1965 and has won multiple awards of being the best in class van. Since 1986, it has a modern looks and wedge shape to appeal its customers and achieve great deal of aerodynamics. It has exclusively received some refinement updates and redesigns in previous years such as face-lifts before the new generation arrived last year.



The all new Ford Transit van offers comparatively great range of new fuel efficient Ford engines than offered in the E-Series and configured to handle more cargo than ever before. Ford’s commercial vans brand manager said that the new generation of Ford Transit is designed to handle higher cargo volumes efficiently than ever before. It will save you money in terms of fuel and other driving costs, however Ford says that the turbocharged 3.5-Litre EcoBoost V6 motor will be used as iconic Ford Transit engine to deliver utmost fuel economy, predicted as much as of 14 miles per gallon in city areas and 19 miles from a gallon when on motorway. Its competitor e-Series is equipped with 6.8 Litre V10 engines that deliver 10 miles per gallon in city and 13 miles per gallon on motorway.


All new Transit has three engine options to select from, a standard version has 275 horsepower from a 3.7 Litre V6 engine and a 185 horsepower version gets a 3.2 Litre engine while range toping model has 310 horsepower from 3.5 Litre engine with EcoBoost technology. During the road tests, 3.7 Litre engine proved itself as a potential power unit but it’s a bit noisy when on high engine revs, which is somewhat so very common in the Ford V6 engines.  Fitted with the optional dual rear-wheel axle, the Transit can carry 4,650 pounds of cargo while the base model initially costs $30,560.