Ford Transit Connect, the Best Van for Commercial and Personal use

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7 Sep 2022
Replacement Ford Transit Connect Engines for Sale

The CNG conversion possibility of a 2.5-litre engine was also introduced last year The Ford Transit Connect van is available in both passenger and cargo carrier body designs. It is a compact-sized van but very practical and is one of the most popular ones in its class. Standard features are generous and you can add […]

Ford Transit Connect 1.5 litre Diesel engine van

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21 Jul 2022
Ford Transit Connect Van

The power of this small diesel unit is 120 hp, which seems adequate for driving this van The Ford Transit Connect is a small but very handy van in the ever-increasing traffic of urban roads. Running costs are kept to a minimum with the Ford Transit Connect diesel engine model. Though all-electric and hybrid models […]

The Ford Transit is a van with car-like features and strong engines

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16 Jun 2022
Ford Transit Van

You get 187 hp from this unit and 226 hp from the hybrid unit Whenever one thinks about vans one thing that comes up in mind is a utility vehicle meant for work. But that is not true for the present market. This category has changed a lot in its outlook. This van category has […]

Ford Has Brought Many Advancements to the Transit Van

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19 May 2022
Ford Transit

Mild hybrid assistance is present just like in modern-day cars to enhance fuel efficiency The commercial van segment has several vehicles to meet the needs of buyers. The Ford Transit is one of the top vans due to its engine, practicality, and fuel efficiency. Ford, keeping in view the popularity of the Transit, kept investing […]

The Ford Transit Connect is a good choice for busy urban roads

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27 Apr 2022
Ford Transit Connect

It has become fuel-efficient, better equipped to drive safely and suits different types of needs Small in size and easy to manoeuvre, the Ford Transit Connect is a choice for most delivery businesses in all parts of the world. Ford has built it to cater to the needs of urban delivery businesses because large vans […]

Ford Transit Connect Smart Car Like Van for Load and Passengers

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11 Feb 2022
Ford Transit Connect

Buyers could have connectivity for both types of smartphones and assistance for the driver Small vans are suitable for moving in congested town areas. Parking and manoeuvring are not a problem while carrying passengers or loads. Ford Transit Connect is such a smart van for the delivery of goods on busy streets and providing transport […]

A Big Van with Many Advantages for Buyers

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25 Jan 2022
Ford Transit Van

Transit is available in two wheelbases, three roof heights, and three body lengths Ford Transit is a well-known van in the UK and elsewhere for its ability to pull, cabin features and payload capacity. Ford has enhanced its standard to keep it among the top vans of the segment. It is a durable and reliable […]

The Ford Transit Van is a popular and Practical Large Size Van

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15 Dec 2021
Ford Transit Practical Van

A good amount of torque at low revs is also helpful for driving a loaded van Ford Transit vans have good pulling machines. Earlier, these vans came with a 2.2-litre unit, but more recently, a 2.0-litre engine has been installed in all Ford Transit vans. These vehicles are popular for their payload capacity. The latest […]

Ford Transit Connect is Compact Utility Van

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26 Nov 2021
Ford Transit Connect Van Engine

Ford Transit Connect is a small van New Ford Transit Connect is a good looking vehicle with ample space inside. Drive is very much car-like and compact size keeps manoeuvring easy. People can add optional features to enhance the drive and ride experience of the new Transit Connect. The engine of the vehicle is not […]

Ford Transit is the best option at the right price

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11 Oct 2021
Ford Transit 3500 CC Engine

It surprises buyers with its ease to drive and cabin refinement Ford Transit is a highly rated large van at an affordable price. People appreciate the long array of standard kits in Ford Transit and the possibility of different combinations. Excellent handling never let you feel how big it is. The interior is modern and […]